★ Rhan 122mm rockets at IndoDefence

08 November 2014

New Rantis 6x6 MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System with Rhan 122mm rockets 6x6 MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System with Rhan 122mm rockets at at IndoDefence 2014 Tri-service defence exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Indonesian Defence Company Pindad in collaboration with the Institute of Aeronautics and Space, Ministry of Research and Technology. Ministry of Defence presents local-made 122mm MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System Rantis 6x6 with Rhan 122mm rockets at IndoDefence 2014.

The 6X6 Rantis is a jointly developed rocket launcher vehicle produced by state-owned arms manufacturer PT Pindad in collaboration with local industry and the MoD's research and development agency. In March 2014, Pindad has performed a test-fired with the new Rantis 6x6 Rhan 122mm MLRS.

The purpose of this rocket testing was to perform dynamic test of some rocket units toward some kind of launchers. The dynamic test was performed on 2 units of RHAn-122 toward Multi Launcher Rocket System (MLRS) which belong to Ministry of Defence, 3 units of RHan-122B toward Marine’s RM 70 GRAD barrel, and dynamic test 3 units of RX-2020 toward PT Pindad (Persero)’s Peluncur Roket Modular 861 (Modular Rocket Launcher) or PRM 861. MLRS shows new development of Indonesia’s defence industry. According to some Internet sources, Pindad expects to procure 500 R-Han 122 rockets by 2014. This surface-to-surface rocket has a maximum range of 23km.

The Rantis 6x6 is an Indonesian-made light truck motorized with a Mercedes Benz Engine. The body is designed and manufactured in Indonesia.

The Rantis 6x6 is fitted with a 24-round elevatable launcher mounted at the rear of the vehicle. The rocket tube arrangement is a single rectangular bank of four blocks each with 6 tubes. Before firing, two stabilisers are lowered to the ground; these are positioned one either side at the rear of the vehicle. The launch vehicle's cabin accommodates the launch preparation and firing equipment.

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