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08 November 2014

Indodefenfe 2014 SSE

Local company Sentra Surya Ekajaya (SSE) has confirmed to the Indo Defence Show Daily that its P2 Commando reconnaissance/command and control vehicle and P2 armoured personnel carrier (APC) have completed their trials and are now in quantity production.

P2 Commando (4x4) is the smaller of the two, with a gross vehicle weight of 4.5 tonnes. It is powered by a four-cylinder turbocharged diesel developing 130hp, coupled to a manual five-speed transmission. This gives the vehicle a maximum road speed of 100km/h, with an operating range up to 500km on a fuel tank of 100 litres.

Ballistic protection is to STANAG 4569 level 1 standard, which is 7.62 x 51mm NATO standard ball attack; the windows provide the same level of ballistic protection. In addition to the commander and driver there are two seats to the rear.

In many respects, the P2 Commando is very similar to the French Panhard Defense VBL (4x4) scout car, but because it has more internal volume, it can undertake a wider range of battlefield missions.

The larger P2 APC is also of the 4x4 type and has an all-welded monocoque hull, providing the same level of protection as the P2 Commando. It also has a protected engine compartment at the front and the crew compartment extending to the rear. The commander is seated to the rear of the engine compartment and each is provided with a side door.

The troop compartment is slightly higher to the rear of the commander’s and driver’s position to provide greater internal volume. The eight dismounts are seated in the rear and can rapidly enter and leave via the rear door. They are seated four down either side, facing inwards on special seats that are not attached to the floor.

The gross vehicle weight of the P2 Commando APC is being quoted as 8,500kg and the vehicle is powered by a Renault four-cylinder turbocharged diesel developing 215hp, coupled to an Allison automatic transmission.

Both vehicles feature full air conditioning – considered to be essential in the high ambient temperatures encountered in Asia – as well as coil spring suspension, front-mounted electric winch and banks of grenade launchers.

The vehicles being shown here at Indo Defence 2014 are fitted with a roof-mounted protected weapon station armed with a 7.62mm machine gun; other weapon stations can be fitted, such as remote weapon stations armed with similar or larger calibre weapons.

As well as the two P2 vehicles, SSE (Hall D, Stand 241) has also manufactured the P3 Ransus high-speed and high-mobility off-road vehicle and the P4 multipurpose vehicle, which is based on a truck chassis.

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