Bangladesh Navy has ordered 18 High Speed Patrol Boat from Indonesia

31 October 2014

This is the First Time Bangladesh is buying military items from Indonesia. These Ships may be used for Coast guard

These 18 Boats will cost $6 Million altogether. There is a possibility to get Technology Transfer. X12 High Speed ​​Patrol Boat :

Length : 11.7 meters
Beam : 3.54 meters
Speed : 35 knots

After the Navy ordered ships in the form of advanced fast ship missiles Trimaran, this time turn the Bangladesh Navy ordered 18 coast guard as a complementary tool to the security of the country one of the shipbuilding industry in Banyuwangi, namely PT Lundin Industry Invest.

This was revealed by Commodore Syed Yahya, Deputy Director General of Bangladesh Coast Guard, during a visit in Banyuwangi, on Tuesday (10/28/2014). He explained that the ship industry in Banyuwangi chosen because it is considered to have advanced technology that is not owned by many similar industries in other countries.

"Here, ships are manufactured using the fiber is strong and corrosion resistant. The producing boats using fiber so far only in Europe," said Syed.

He explained that such cooperation is also used as the transfer of technology between Bangladesh and Indonesia in the field of shipping, that the company staff involved six ships of Bangladesh in the shipbuilding process.

"We also have seen a company profile, and believe that the company will be the best in the world," said Syed.

Meanwhile, Lizza Lundin, Director of PT Lundin Industry Invest, say, ordering 18 patrol boats of Bangladesh is valued at USD 75 billion. Process of ships is done by parallel systems until all orders will be completed within one year, as targeted.

"This is our new product that we originally Include in maritime exhibition in Jakarta. Apparently, his speech was very good, and Bangladesh became the first foreign country that ordered the ship of this type," says Lizza.

Meanwhile, 18 vessels were ordered by the Navy Bangladesh is a type of X12 High Speed ​​Patrol Boat monohold (single hull), with an overall length of 11.70 meters specs, bow length 9.60 meters long, 3.54 meters beam, the hull is submerged in water of 0.84 meters, a maximum speed of 35 knots, fuel capacity of 2 x 675 liters, and has two main engines.

"Before being sent to Bangladesh, will these ships going through the test tanks in Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand," says Lizza.

He explains, it has been a lot of fulfilling orders ship from various countries, such as America, Russia, Australia, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Sweden, Hong Kong, and the Middle East.


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