Indonesians Boost CN235 Sales after Pact with Airbus D&S

15 August 2014

Indonesian aircraft company PTDI is talking to Asian customers about maritime CN235 versions, after signing a strategic collaboration agreement with Airbus D & S in 2011. (Photo: Alan Warnes)

PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) has stepped up its marketing of maritime versions of the CN235 and is completing assembly of its first C295. The moves result from the strategic collaboration agreement that PTDI signed with Airbus Defense & Space in 2011. That deal also transferred production of the smaller C212 transport to PTDI’s facility in Bandung.

Arie Wibotwo, PTDI’s vice president of marketing, told AIN that PTDI is bidding for several maritime patrol requirements in the region. “We have been selected by the Philippines government to supply two CN235 ASWs. A contract is expected to be signed this summer with delivery taking place 26 months afterwards” he said. Working with PTDI as a mission systems supplier will be Raytheon Systems, the first time a U.S. company has gone into partnership with the Indonesians.

Several other CN 235 MPA/ASW proposals are on the table “but the mission systems will be flexible, completely the choice of the customer,” Arie added. “Malaysia prefers Thales, Vietnam wants the Airbus D&S Fully Integrated Tactical Systems (FITS) or a Swedish SSC system, while Thailand and Brunei seem fairly relaxed over the systems they want.” This means that PTDI could find itself working with several different systems integrators from Europe and the U.S. if these countries opt for the CN235. In the past PTDI has even worked with Israel’s Elta, on the Korean Coast Guard deal for four CN 235-220MPAs in 2011-12.

Having recently delivered a CN235 to Thailand’s parapublic KASET organization, with options on another two, PTDI feels it is well positioned to provide the Royal Thai Navy with a solution for its ASW/MPA requirement for up to four aircraft.

Domestically, PTDI will shortly deliver a second CN235 MPA to the Indonesian Navy as part of MARPAT (MARitime PATrol) 1 program. These aircraft are equipped with the Thales AMASCOS system on board and include the FLIR Systems Star Safire sensor turret. “Another two CN235MPAs are contracted by the Navy as part of MARPAT 2 but the radar system will come from Telephonics,” Wibotwo revealed.

Meanwhile, PTDI is assembling the first of two C295s for the Indonesian air force.

Airbus D&S previously delivered seven from its production line at Seville, Spain. The two being assembled at Bandung complete the order.

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